Kelly Lester


Abby was amazing. I am much more aware of my damaging thoughts, which has made a positive turn in my everyday relationship and career-based relationships. I’m so grateful for meeting Abby and being introduced to this course. ❤️

 Juliann Grant

Spiritual Coach

Abby was a patient, helpful trainer who pushed us to see beyond ourselves. I'm grateful for the time and investment spent in learning this process.

Alexa Brascetta

Wealth Advisor

As a former athlete, I can confidently say Abby is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. I was stuck in a rut struggling to succeed in all areas of life when I met Abby, but in our work together, I was given the tools to expertly manage being a working wife, mother, and employee. Learning the real definition of self-care, both personally and professionally, and identifying old habits of thought which held me back has changed my life. Abby empathically delivers the hard truths with a smile. Her care, compassion, and dedication were beyond expectation. I’ve never felt more able to conquer my goals and all that life has to offer. I’m beyond grateful for Abby.

James Barlcay

Owner, Northstar Security

Abby expertly helped my team identify and rectify personal programs and habits that were causing discord and negativity at work as well as in our personal lives. She was able to relate to the large range of ages, cultures, backgrounds, education levels and willingness to participate in my group. The Change Your Mind…Create New Results NeuroChangeSolutions training combines science, biology, and spirituality to deliver a stimulating, practical program. I highly recommend the class, and Abby’s services to everyone. 

Elly Molina

International Intuitive Advisor

Abby is the coach's coach! My work demands ultra-high levels of confidentiality, and there are times when holding the basket for everyone else is too much. Enter Abby and her talents. Abby heard beyond my words, and then gently reminded me of who I am and what I'm up to. It was a powerful call. If you're looking for an empowering coach, someone who will hear you, I highly recommend Abby. I'm grateful I have her as my go to for “clearings".

Mariana Rondon

Heart Math Consultant

When I met Abby, I was dating unavailable men who treated me poorly. Abby helped me see that the reason I was stuck in toxic relationships was due to my own feelings of unworthiness and my unconscious pattern of waiting to be chosen rather than choosing myself. The thing I love most about Abby is how she never gave me answers, but allowed me to figure things out on my own. The examples she shared were so relatable that I was able to uncover the exact thoughts and behaviors which led me to make destructive choices. Now that I know I am worthy of something better, I see new possibilities and I know I can choose something different for myself.

Katie Schroeder


As the Chair and event organizer of a Women in Business Conference, I was beyond grateful to find Abby, who is communicative, responsive, and extremely easy to work with. The presentation she provided to our audience was magnetizing and chalk full of actionable takeaways to improve our personal and professional lives. Her knowledge of neuroscience as it relates to productivity makes Abby an expert speaker that every organization should hire. She is an engaging presenter and knows how to transform an audience from simple participation to turning wheels and taking action!

Kristi Switzer


As an IT professional, I was pleasantly surprised with how much the NeuroChangeSolutions training impacted me both professionally and personally. Just prior to this training, over half my team was laid off. The tools I learned in this program put me in a stronger state of mind to lead my (much smaller) team more effectively through tough times. In live exercises, Abby elicited pertinent examples, and challenged me to think outside the box. Her facilitation and training skills made for a safe and comfortable environment, and as a result, I’m not just a more effective leader and team-member, I’m a healthier person overall.