When everyone thinks you're a rockstar, but you feel like a hot mess...

It's time to stop proving your worth and start owning it.

Sit yourself down and relax, you must be exhausted!

In fact, do you ever lose it within minutes of the massage that was meant to alleviate all your stress? (Maybe that was just me). 

Regardless, it's not your fault! You, my friend, are a genius, albeit a burnt-out one.

Working smart and fast may have brought success, but the next chapter (the one where you learn to honor yourself) requires a different set of assets. 

Trust me when I tell you that what feels right, may be the source of all that's wrong!

To harness your greatest potential, you must shift the focus from what you're doing, to who you're BEING. I can help. 

There’s a better experience out there for you.

Come with me…I’ll show you.


...a transformation junkie, authenticity enthusiast, and seeker of truth. I move high achievers from Hot Mess Express into Harmonious, Aligned Action so they can receive the good they give. A psychotherapist turned coach, speaker and author, I use leading-edge discoveries in neuroscience teaching people how to re-wire their thoughts, adapt and transcend prior limitations to reach great heights. My jam is inspiring you to claim the value-driven, meaningful and impactful personal and professional life that is only yours to live. 

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My clients create lives of:

  • Clarity
  • Purpose
  • Organization
  • Aligned Priorities
  • Energy
  • Self-Love
  • Confidence
  • Respect

I have a secret…

Believe it or not, I was never a proponent of “self-love.” It was hard to take anyone seriously who suggested I needed to love myself –  what with the cartoon butterflies circling above their head. What’s next – we’ll live on berries and wood chips under the open sky, singing Kumbaya?   Plus, I did love myself.

I have a secret…

Being Understood is Overrated

Here’s what I mean: When my ex was on Oxycontin, I went to great lengths to explain that it’s not normal to slur one’s words, fall asleep behind a drum kit in the middle of a set or visit an ER every month. Clearly, my running list of his bizarre behavior was proof enough to justify I

Being Understood is Overrated

My Catch and Release Program

I have a catch-and-release policy on my emotions. I catch the little buggers, reel them in long enough to see the whites of their fishy eyes, and then toss them back. The benefits are endless when my line is hot. The more I catch, the more everyone wins. I don’t stew all night, leaving me well-rested

My Catch and Release Program

Abby is a wealth of knowledge and has given me little nuggets of wisdom that have protected my heart and mind over the last 2 years AND she is a straight shooter that will not mince words… all delivered in love with the intent to make you better for yourself and the people you influence.

–Arwen Becker
Becker Retirement Group