I’m so glad you showed up… It’s the only way to get where you’re going

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Sit yourself down and relax, you must be exhausted. I know I was.

Working smarter and faster isn't going to bring you the life experience you crave.

Do you wonder why you’re losing it within an hour of the spa appointment that was supposed to tide you over for at least another week?

I was so good at kicking ass and taking names (and by that, I mean taking care of everyone and everything) the way I’d always been taught, I never asked myself: What’s my Jam?

Not just what’s my dream or what would define a life worth living, but what is honoring myself in every relationship, every interaction and every decision I make on a daily basis?

You are more powerful than you know, but you’ve misdirected your power. What if what feels "right," is what you should be questioning?

Life is not a To-Do List. There’s a better experience out there for you. Your Jam is waiting.

Come with me…I’ll show you.


...a coach, author and speaker for high achievers who are up to something in the world. Using fifteen years as a psychotherapist, another twelve as a financial advisor and my own business and life experiences, I inspire you to claim the value-driven, meaningful and impactful personal and professional life that is only yours to live. I enjoy a good book, a dry glass of wine, a difficult hike, an occasional Netflix binge, and learning from my Humble Pie moments in life to grow myself and others to work together toward the greater good.

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My clients create lives of:

  • Clarity
  • Purpose
  • Organization
  • Aligned Priorities
  • Energy
  • Self-Love
  • Confidence
  • Respect

What I learned from working at McDonald’s

In a green polyester uniform, amid a haze of fried oil, I stood behind the McDonald’s counter, my fingers flying over the register’s keys. It was 1983 and I’d forged my birth certificate to say I was fourteen, the legal working age. Glancing at the line wrapping out the door, I simultaneously filled a Diet

What I learned from working at McDonald’s

Having Gratitude for What I Don’t Have

Last night I woke up three times to pee. Three times! Sadly, it’s not unusual since birthing children. Each night, my feet hit my spanking new carpet with the triple plush mat underneath, and I pad off to the bathroom like I’m stepping on a Tempur-Pedic cloud. “Thank,” I say as my right foot takes the

Having Gratitude for What I Don’t Have

What We Weren’t Taught Growing Up

I wasn’t told that there was a loud, driveling, toxic voice living in my head who would stick around long after I needed her. No one ever showed me how to turn down her volume, and that when I did, I’d find the steady, sincere, sublime voice of my Soul. (I imagine her dressed in airy white, sitting enchantedly in a wicker chair on

What We Weren’t Taught Growing Up

Abby is a wealth of knowledge and has given me little nuggets of wisdom that have protected my heart and mind over the last 2 years AND she is a straight shooter that will not mince words… all delivered in love with the intent to make you better for yourself and the people you influence.

–Arwen Becker
Becker Retirement Group