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My style of corporate training is not for the faint of heart. If you want to experience massive change in your organization and in the lives of your employees, it requires more than sitting through a slide show, narrowly missing a pencil tip in your eye as your head bobs its way to sleep on your desk.

If you’re serious about change, and only if you’re serious, I can help.

NeuroChange Solutions Trainings

As a NeuroChange Consultant, I am part of a global group chosen to deliver groundbreaking trainings and workshops based on the research and teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Among other things, what separates these trainings from other Human Potential or Change Management workshops, is that the tools are based in Neuroscience. In the context of this training, I am also certified to deliver widely published, proven techniques from The Heart Math Institute.

If you’re looking to increase revenue, upscale leadership skills, improve employee retention, decrease stress, water down the water-cooler gossip and/or get everyone on board working toward a common goal, all while being highly entertained and experiencing light bulbs go off, this is for you.

"Working in the entertainment industry, I appreciate the value of a heart-felt and thought-provoking message. In this captivating, insightful training, Abby tailored our experience for immediate impact. I now recognize how my self-limiting thoughts conflicted with my aspirations, and what to do about it. Changing my own behavior has enabled me to better relate to co-workers and challenging situations at work. Abby’s clear, respectful, and highly skilled approach is a massive asset for anyone hoping to move their team in a powerful and unified direction."

–Chris Grey
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

Executive Leadership Coaching

Organizational four-minute miles are run when key personnel are coached into performing at their highest potential and the inspired follow. Individual coaching packages are available as well as follow-up coaching to trainings delivered.

Speaking Engagements and Unique Training

Women are adept at looking like we have it all together, but how would it feel to know beyond a shadow of your own doubt, that you’re showing up as your best self to all the people at work and at home?

My keynotes speeches, seminars and workshops are grounded in the hysterical, real-life misery that can only lead to authentic transformation. Laugh, cry and take a ride that will lead you to your own next steps in business and life.


I’m a firm believer that a One Size Fits All approach is best saved for shopping Moo Moo’s. While corporations often face universal challenges, the magic happens in the combination of elements and customizing for your specific needs.

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