​​​​Work With Me

If you stuff yourself into a pair of jeans that don’t fit, no matter how chic the brand, you’re going to be uncomfortable. That’s why I have no one size fits all program for you.

As women, we too often blindly follow the advice of others and fail to examine and listen to the wisdom inside us.

Experience? Tools? Wisdom? Degrees? Yes, I have all of those, but my coaching is driven by you and me developing a laser focus on answering the question: What’s right for you?

We weren’t designed to live steeped in denial, in pain and suffering, to doubt ourselves, our work ethic, our parenting, our bossing, our relationship status. We’re here on Earth to deliver – all that we are and all that we’re meant to be. 

If you’re tired of overwhelm, over-functioning and being a victim, or if you’ve had it with feeling like a nag, a doormat, a failure, or a fraud, I can help.*

Together we’ll uncover the thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck, and we’ll explore where you’ve betrayed yourself. We’ll develop your personal formula for clarity, purpose, and courage, and outfit you with tools to be your best self. 

I won’t tell you that working with me will be cream puffs and Sauvignon Blanc. I will push you. I will challenge you, because saying yes to yourself isn’t just about you, it’s about all the lives you touch.

“This is your one, precious life. It’s time to make a decision that you won’t waste another moment of it.”  – Mary Oliver

I’ve done it – and you can too.

An introductory conversation together will set wheels of change into motion.