Omg, you have GOT to meet my new BFF, Grammarly!
She’s A-mazing. Never once has she judged, misunderstood, or betrayed me.
And I’m challenging to get along with when it comes to grammar. My spelling is so poor I rewrite entire sentences because an online dictionary can’t even figure out what I’m trying to say.
But not anymore! Grammarly…well… she gets me, you know?
Usually, the commas in my blogs elbow their way into sentences like the least favorite child at the dinner table for whom a place isn’t set. Meanwhile, gaggles of homeless punctuation stand in line at a soup kitchen when a perfectly good family of words with a hot meal impatiently awaits them.
Ha! Grammarly and I just disagreed! That happens like all the time, but it’s okay because if I decide to do my own thing, she’s totally cool.
But oh, when I accept, surrender and believe in her (which is more often than not because there is so much I clearly cannot handle), suddenly, my shirt is tucked in and there’s no longer toilet paper on my shoe.
And btw, she’s never angry or jealous whether I accept or dismiss her; she only wants what’s best for me – no reflection on her whatsoever as far as she’s concerned.
Why can’t all my relationships be like this? Maybe it’s that when most people point out my flaws, I don’t take it quite as well.
Maybe the real question is, if only I received feedback with the same objectivity and, therefore, curiosity and grace as I did Grammarly.
I’ve heard it said that we don’t see things the way they are, we see things the way we are.
What if we received every input from our environment, the people we know, the incidences that occur, as if they were there to serve us, be helpful, or even have no opinion whatsoever?
What if we received without fear or judgment or with assumptions on others’ motives?
What if… we checked in with ourselves and simply clicked accept or dismiss based on the truth that lives inside us? No need for explanation, defense, criticism toward ourselves or others?

Abby Havermann

I’m Abby Havermann, an Author, Speaker, and Coach focused on inspiring women to claim the value-driven, meaningful and impactful personal and professional lives they’re meant to live. I enjoy a good book, a dry glass of wine, a difficult hike, an occasional Netflix binge, and learning from my Humble Pie moments in life to grow myself and others so we can work together toward the greater good.

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