​​​​Meet Abby

I had an easily enviable life. Once I married (and believed my life could begin), I built a thriving psychotherapy practice, lived in a beautiful house on a prime cul-de-sac, produced an angelic child, taught at the graduate level, and was well respected by friends, colleagues and clients.

I was unaware that I never felt like enough. If you’d told me I felt unworthy, I would have vehemently denied it. But in fact, it was through the lens of unworthiness that I made life’s choices - choices that weren’t the right ones for me.

I was on a quest to get my external world looking perfect, believing my internal experience would follow. The more I tried to control my environment and the impression I put forth, the more exhausted, self-defeated and fraudulent I felt.

It was only when life pummeled me that I was forced to take stock.

I had to switch the focus from what I was doing, to who I was being.

I had to trade the “Why?” for the more productive, “So what, now what?”

Done right, awareness breeds transformation. In the last fifteen years, I’ve taken back my personal power, delved deep into the human potential movement, exposed myself to groundbreaking works and trained with world-renowned thought leaders and coaches.

This is what I know: It’s possible not just to exude confidence, but to feel it authentically. It’s possible for you to do good, and to feel great. It’s possible to be energized by your life rather than feeling like you’re in need of perpetual spa appointments. It’s possible to expend less energy and achieve more.

Today I’m a speaker, published author, and transformational coach. I help women craft a life so individually aligned with who they are, that they don’t need spa treatments to refuel because they're living a dream which catapults them out of bed every day.

Are you ready to get off the Hot Mess Express?